Assessing the Contest for the Information Space in the Midst of a Global Pandemic.

Commandant John F. Quinn

Irish Defence Forces

The following is a working draft of a proposal for research to the Royal Irish Academy’s Standing Committee on International Affairs. Happy to receive any feedback! ☺️👍🏼

The Irish…

Charting Ireland’s diverse and disparate approaches to Defence and Security.

An early abstract for an article I have been threatening to write for some time…

Whilst the debate around security and defence is not a new phenomenon, one gets the sense that it may very well be maturing as we…

Sif’ al Hawa

The road to Destiny

Is filled with bends

We gaze to infinity

For peaceful lands

With virtue to the fore

Mission is key

To fight a war

COVID, the enemy


Insight Ireland - John F Quinn

An Irish soldier, leader, reader and UN peacekeeper looking to keep both eyes and ears open and learn.

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